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Kind of basic....He and Arla are both cannon btw.

Designation "N-7". Born a clone for the GAR on Kamino. He is one of the early experiments for the ARC troopers. He and his 5 "null" brothers were saved from "reconditioning" and raised by Kal Skirata. He served with the GAR as a Black Op commando. Mereel would later desert with the rest of the Nulls shortly after Order 66 was issued, and would start anew with his brothers on Mandalore.
After the war, he met and married Aerynn Vel and a child with her- Ciri. Shortly after, he adopted Arla Fett's son, Sol'yc. Mereel took up bounty hunting to keep his skills sharp and to find other clone deserters to help. In early October while Mereel was on a mission, Aerynn was killed in a pirate attack and the children went missing. After He found out, he began searching for Arla to tell her and possibly enlist her help. His search brought him to Coruscant, and to The Epsilon, where he has remained since.
Mereel was the most “charming, entertaining, and sociable” of the Nulls, and was relatively well adjusted to life outside Kamino. He was frequently described as a “daredevil lunatic”, a trait that often caused his "father" and brothers occasional anxiety. He sought out thrills, purposely skating on thin ice in everything from negotiations with techs to piloting and rapid-roping. Due to the Kamioans genetic tinkering, Mereel and the other Nulls had very intense loyalties- either they would die for you, or you would end up dead.
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