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Tal Kotra background

Post  Tal_Kotra on Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:49 pm

Tal's background from the blog: http://talkotra.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/tals-past-background/

Mandalorian Wars:

Tal Kotra spent time fighting the Republic in the Mandalorian Wars, Holding his position as Captain for his platoon. The Mando fought courageously in many battles such as the Second Battle of Dxun and the Battle of Malachor V “the great last battle” towards the end of the Mandalorian Wars. Tal led his brothers on to gain many victories of occupied territory however the Republic regained and pushed the Mandalorians back until their defeat ending the wars and exiling them to the Outer Rim.

Tal entered battle alongside his blood brother Traycn Kotra (father of Yuri Kotra) the brothers fought together against the Republic until Tal lost his brother in the final Battle of Malachor V. During this fight Tal was also betrayed and attacked by Kai Ra-Ley, the girl whom tricked Tal into falling in love with her, only to reveal herself as a spy for the Republic trying to get behind enemy lines.

Tal Kotra escaped the Mandalorian Wars with only minor injuries and a few deep scars on his abdomen. After the exile of the Mando’s, Tal spent his time recovering and retired his status as Captain. He later started a new life as a Bounty Hunter for hire and continues his work to this day. Few people know of Tal’s past and that he was once a Captain in the Mandalorian Wars, he keeps such information to himself so to not attract attention to himself however because of his action in battle Tal has fierce fighting tactics thus making him a dangerous, well skilled Bounty Hunter and powerful ally.

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