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Post  Jason Ginley on Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:27 am

Jason was born on Coruscant into a semi-wealthy family. He loved to tear things apart and put them back together when he was young. This was his first step at becoming a mechanic and ship-designer.

Having his parents noticing his talents, he was enrolled into the University of Coruscant when he was of age. Upon his second year of uni, he was offered a job at the Corellian Engineering Corporation as soon as he was out of college. However, this wasn't his first experience working for a large company. Being under the control and guidance of the Empire, the University of Coruscant offered Jason a chance to hone his skills on a Star Destroyer and employed him to help design and retrofit a few systems onboard the ships including life support and navigation. Once he graduated, he moved to Corellia to work for the Corellian Engineering Corporation and helped design ships including the Corellian Corvettes and smaller freighter vessels such as the YT-2400 (the same model as the Epsilon).

He was found on Coruscant by Little Bird in a shop and was offered a job as a mechanic. He is currently in a relationship with Dex Aden.
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