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Post  Little Bird on Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:46 am

Here's just a very basic overview of LB's life up to this point.

The first thing she remembers is an orphanage on Coruscant, she ran away at about 5 (O.T.). LB was found by a man, Corawan, that told her that he knew her parents. He was in fact a slaver and sold her on Tatooine. Her master was not unusually unkind but she didn't enjoy being a slave for obvious reasons. A year later, Tusken Raiders invaded her masters house and took her for a young couple to adopt as they had loss they're own child. This wasn't an unusual practice and she was mostly happy, growing to love her adopted mother, however she never learn to get along with her father. But when her mother died in child-birth a few years later, Little Bird left. Having nothing to stay for and not wishing to be married off when she was 12.

After that LB wandered happily, learning whatever she wanted to and taking what jobs were necessary to survive. She stayed for an unusual amount of time on Ryloth, being able to identify with the Twi'leks, but eventually left after being nearly raped because of her addiction to Ryl. (She has been entirely clean since, refusing to touch either spice or alcohol.)

Sometime later, she somehow ended up on Korriban, where she met Bralir. Being stranded on that hot, miserable lump of rock, she sent out a distress signal. Tal Kotra, her future husband, intercepted it and came to her rescue in a grumpy Prince Charming sort of way. He was on his way to a meeting with Navaar and brought her along, where she became the pilot for the Orion Defiance and Tal the captain.

Tal and Little Bird were married on October 9th, 2010, in Quillura.

Little Bird is a polyglot, fully fluent in Twi'leki, Huttese, Basic and Tuskenese. She is semi-fluent in Mando'a, being able to speak and read it but not actually write it and knows basic words in many other languages.

Any questions? Please ask.

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